The Intrexx Modules


Create applications and forms quickly and easily in the Application Designer. Numerous ready-to-use components (such as flowcharts and tables) are available for this purpose. Thanks to the graphical user interface, you no longer need any programming skills to develop web applications using drag-and-drop.

View the Intrexx Tutorial – Automating workflows with processes


With the Process Designer, you can design, create and automate workflows in no time at all. The graphical user interface makes it easy to define the conditions and actions of individual processes.

View the Intrexx Tuorial – Automating workflows with processes


Do you want to ensure that each employee can only see the information that they are allowed to see? The Users module enables you to easily assign individual access and user permissions. User integration also eliminates the need for duplicated user administration.

View the Intrexx Tutorial – Users


With the Layout Designer, you can customize your portal to your corporate identity in next to no time. Simply select the graphical elements, which best reflect your company, from the templates and lists with a wide range of colors, fonts and symbols.

View the Intrexx Tutorial – Design


Benefit from the data integration center by quickly and conveniently integrating data from existing software products into new applications. In addition, Intrexx Connectors, such as for SAP Business Suite, Netweaver Gateway or Lotus Notes, facilitate the creation of a powerful data hub.

View the Intrexx Tutorial – Integration


Maintaining and managing applications doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the Portal Manager’s numerous tools for tasks such as maintaining and monitoring systems, planning tasks, and configuring email services.

View the Intrexx Tutorial – Tools

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