With XDOC solutions you make your Company:

better / faster / more efficient and more profitable.

XDOC DS s.r.o.

XDOC DS s.r.o., is a sales and service partner Xerox Czech and exclusive representation of United Planet GmbH for Czech and Slovakia with products Intrexx and Intrexx Share. Our company entered the market in September 2003, since then we have succeeded in business, but also in the context of service delivery to serve more than 1,000 satisfied customers.

World leading technology

We only offer the latest industry technology from World leading manufacturers.

20 Years experience

We have supplied and supported businesses across the Czech since 2002.

Workflow & business transformation

We identify resource heavy processes & workflows and design solutions around transforming them.

Exclusive partners of:

Our knowledge


All Businesses are different

Many businesses have no idea which inefficient processes in their workflows hold them back from reaching full potential. Xdoc understand all businesses are different and define unique core objectives. Our purpose is simple.

To deliver a solution which aligns with the dynamics of your business and completely transforms your workflow.


Your organization as the starting point

The starting point is always your organization. We therefore start with an analysis of your current processes, employees and IT applications and map out your business issues and objectives. Xdoc then translates your current policy into a concrete and appropriate IT policy, whereby we guarantee that IT and security are in line with the ambitions of your organization. This strong foundation provides flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes in your organization.


What we deliver

Our purpose is simple, to design, implement and deliver solutions that transform business processes and workflows.

After defining your specific requirements, we are then able to combine our level of industry experience with the latest hardware and software from World Leading manufacturers.

We are committed to providing all of our customers an unrivalled experience, which is why we are trusted by some large organisations in the Czech Republic.


We implement ourselves

Xdoc advises and realizes. In other words, installing the solutions we have developed for you is done entirely in-house. That way we know for sure that they will work. And when it comes to efficiency, we like to lead by example. In consultation with your system administrator, we use a tight schedule. There is continuous consultation between all those involved, so that adjustments can be made quickly. And on the agreed day, everything is ready-to-use implemented in your network environment.

Company development

  • Xdoc company established
  • Premier partner Xerox printing
  • Gold partner Xerox
  • Premier partner HP
  • Own Service department
  • Own solution development department
  • Exclusive partner United Planet (Intrexx)
  • Exclusive partner ROWE (wide format)
  • Gold partner Xerox
  • Gold and exclusive partner of United Planet
  • “International Partner of the year for Intrexx”  2017-2020
  • Exclusive partner ROWE
  • Premier partner HP

Financial Services

We offer all kind of financial options to make sure that we have the best fit for your situation.

Operational or Financial lease, holiday lease, contract duration. Descending or increasing payments.  Maybe Rental? We are flexible and we will cover your needs.

Service / maintenance

The decision for a print solution is many times for 3 or 4 years. A decision based on product Specifications, Brand and TCO pricing. But after signing the contract your experience and satisfaction degree just starts. Your satisfaction is our main ambition.

With having our own service engineers we are fast , flexible and have short communications lines. Sales and service under the same roof. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We work hard for a longtime relation with you.

Support and helpdesk

Just in case you need our support you contact our help desk. Our specialists   are responsible for answering queries and addressing system and user issues in a timely and professional manner.

Our clients