Low Code

Accelerate your digital transformation

With the low-code platform Intrexx, you develop applications cleverly and efficiently. At the same time, you automate your processes and, if desired, consolidate different data sources on one platform.

The all-rounder for your digital transformation

Companies, whether SMEs or international big players, must position themselves professionally and digitalize their processes quickly and agilely. Low-code is the essential answer to the pressure of the markets – around the world.

With Intrexx, you have the perfect tool at your fingertips to implement the complete and comprehensive digital transformation of your company, just the way you want it. Why? Because with Intrexx, you…

Cleverly automate processes

Model standard processes as digital workflows and save time and money.

Develop tailor-made applications

Make working in your company easier and more efficient – with individual business applications made with low-code.

Break down data silos

Consolidate data and documents on one platform and connect any external software systems. This creates a central hub for your company.

Work better together
Teamwork makes the dream work thanks to Intrexx. Work together efficiently, even across departmental boundaries, and exchange data, documents and information securely and easily. With Intrexx, it doesn’t matter whether your colleagues are on the other floor or on another continent.
Shorten pathways to customers and partners

Intrexx significantly accelerates communication across company boundaries. Discover unimagined potential with a powerful, individually created B2B or customer portal.

Low-code development with Intrexx

Intrexx is the low-code development platform that enables you to develop applications cleverly and efficiently with code blocks. Furthermore, it allows you to automate processes and consolidate data from the widest range of sources on one platform as needed.

Brick by brick – a metaphor for low-code development

The low-code principle refers to a type of programming that uses graphical “coding bricks” to create processes or automate processes, for example. In this case, the required code is already written and contained in each “brick”. The focus is on saving time – but without losing flexibility allowing you to go deeper and supplement each “brick” with your own code.

An overview of the market


will be created worldwide by 2023 on a cloud basis – more than in the last 40 years together (IDC)

annual growth

is predicted for the low-code market in coming years (Forbes)

of applications

will be developed using low-code development solutions by 2024 (Gartner)

The future is digital. Whoever does not put their processes to the test will not be able to stay competitive long term. Effective business applications are the key to advancing digital transformation in companies. But classic development approaches are expensive and complex. This is where low-code comes into play: A clever approach that harmonizes speed and quality.

Classic code, low-code or no-code?
It depends on the use case.

Manual programming (classic code) provides you with the greatest level of individuality but it costs a lot of time and resources. Out-of-the-box no-code solutions are ready to use at the drop of a hat but are very inflexible. Low-code creates a bridge between the two worlds.

Applications are indispensable solutions for the challenges companies face. They make efficient, digital working possible – regardless of the respective industry and area of business. You can also use applications to digitalize and optimize your business processes. No matter whether you want to create leave requests, manage documents, account for travel expenses or communicate news – applications have long been essential for such tasks.

And now?

Low-code + manual coding = maximum potential!

Low-code development solutions provide a simple and straightforward starting point into even complex projects. Because you have the option of supplementing all of the software’s elements with manual coding, you can work quickly and efficiently while still having a final product that is tailored to your needs.

Something missing? Full Intrexx power with scripts!

Intrexx can do so much more than just drag & drop. The applications themselves are quickly created with a few mouse clicks, but you can fine-tune the result and add new functions with different programming languages. In this way, the low-code platform allows you to make browser-side adjustments with JavaScript and server-side adjustments with Velocity and Groovy. If you want to go a step further, you can write custom Java classes and integrate them into your portal. Here is a brief overview:


JavaScript is particularly suitable for programming for the browser. Improving usability is the goal here. If, for example, you only want to show certain areas of a form depending on the user’s selection, JavaScript is exactly the right choice. You can also adjust the behavior of a page or the user interface in Intrexx with JavaScript.


Velocity is a template language that is designed to generate content. That means HTML, XML, JSON – or whichever format is required – is supplemented with data from the database, calculations and other data sources. This can either be used to exchange data in a certain format or simply to display this content in the browser. Java objects, which Intrexx provides, are used to determine the data. However, it is also possible to integrate objects from customer Java classes.


Groovy is a scripting language that is very similar to Java. The syntax is almost identical to Java but with a few expansions. For instance, Groovy allows you to make a typeless declaration of variables if you want to. Intrexx primarily uses Groovy to control processes and perform complex calculations and equally complex queries. Because of its similarity to Java, you can copy scripts from the diverse Java world and reuse them in Groovy in most cases. You can also integrate your own Java classes.

Intrexx & scripts – a strong team!

Together, these three languages form an exciting package to put the final icing on the cake when developing applications and workflows.

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