Using Apps for Tasks

How a bank built an app that cuts invoice processing time by 75%


For this bank, invoice handling was manual and time-consuming — receive invoice, go to scanner, scan one invoice at a time, go back to desk, open each resulting PDF, then extract and manually keyboard invoice data into the company’s ERP system.


To digitize documents and automate workflow, the bank developed its own solution: An app for this task that was easily installed on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFPs as well as on employees’ mobile devices. With its new custom app, the bank has reduced invoice handling time from 40 hours a month to only 10 hours a month.

In action

1. Primed to perform

Josh, an associate at a large bank, needs to process the company’s daily invoices. He walks up to the Xerox® MFP and loads over 100 invoices into the feeder.

2. Daily tasks, simplified

He pushes the Invoice Scan button and the invoices go directly into the banking system. The job is done!

3. Designed with efficiency in mind

Thanks to the bank’s custom app, this job took Josh seconds to complete, allowing him to move onto other tasks and keep the MFP free for other employees.

4. Business processes improved

The bank’s custom app has increased efficiencies, reduced costs, accelerated profits, and resulted in happier employees.

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